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These are my honest reflections of having used the demo version of the app on an iPad Air 2 over pretty good Wi-Fi. With that said.

I thought about trying the different things that I would use it for as a teacher, such as:. For me, this App has been a long time coming.


Education pack

It looks pretty good, runs quickly and does what a teacher would want it to do. I would perhaps like to have seen the App as being something that comes with your SIMS package for the school. To draw a simple comparison. Now I get that my example is somewhat naiive, but when schools are already paying thousands for SIMS within their budgets, surely the App should be something which schools simply get as part of their package?

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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign up here Great to see your thoughts on this. You can still complete the quest after the time limit but you won't get the teacup pig, you will just unlock the class clown hobby. You can't complete this quest at the same time as another discovery quest.

SIMS Teacher

Please remember that all items have either a 1,2 or 3 star rating and the time tasks take depend upon the star rating of the item. Play with soccer ball - 5 mins. Clean the sports field. Phone the Principal again - 1 hr 40 mins. Say hello to Vernon the pig - 3 hrs 20 mins. Feed Vernon - 6 hrs 40 mins.

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  • Lie down on a school bench - 2 hrs. Search the field - 10 mins.


    Send a sim to the park. Hi parents!

    SIMS Teacher App issues

    Thanksgiving brunch letter Flyer. Thanksgiving performance and brunch! We will have a Thanksgiving themed performance and all parents are invited to a brunch in the classrooms! First Field Trip to Silverman's Farm!

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    More Photos in the photo album link! Field Trip to Silverman's Farm! The forms are in your child's folder and are due back Monday, October 8th.