Broken Melodies

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He was always innovation. Bobby liked to experiment, and the results were usually tasteful. The cuts being proposed to Bomp feature strong vocals, crisp instrumentation, and spunky uncluttered melodies. He was doing something original, something creative, something worthwhile.

Broken Melody -- Original Song

Thomas, some kind of a popular stand-up act in Las Vegas. In some ways, his death stared a decline. Rock became more and more ugly. It lost its positive direction.

Today, a lot of popular bands are rooted in hopelessness and desperation. Almost 16 years have passed since the afternoon Bobby Fuller's body was found next to a gas can in the front seat of his car in a Hollywood parking lot. If Bobby Fuller had lived, he would turn 40 this October. His friends and relatives have trouble imagining Bobby as a middle-aged man. They vividly remember a vibrant, talented, charmingly boyish year-old motivated by Buddy Holly's music and obsessed with perfection.

Bobby's loved ones were slow to recover from the tragedy of that scorching July afternoon in His parents, Lawson and Loraine Fuller, gradually pieced their happiness back together.

Broken Melodies

Loraine had lost two sons, both of whom died abruptly and violently. To her, life seemed torturous. I didn't want anybody to mention the subject. When reporters called, my husband got rid of them. I tried to keep my mind on other things. In their garage on Album Street, a huge plastic tub holds sympathy letters the Lawsons received after Bobby's death. None were opened.

Broken Melodies

The day Bobby died, the Bobby Fuller Four obviously dissolved. Today, the year-old plays drums for the Anthony-based Moonpie Daince Band. He prefers not to mull over the past. Jim Reese continued performing and today is a commercial pilot and guitarist for Murphy's Law in Lufkin, Texas. Rick Stone, the band's road manager, moved out of Bobby's apartment the day after the funeral and stayed in Los Angeles another two years before returning to El Paso.

Randy Fuller, Bobby's younger brother and the bass player for the Bobby Fuller Four, probably encountered the most problems in coping. After Bobby's death, Randy returned to El Paso for three months. Bob Keene called and encouraged him to reunite the band. To me, Jim and Dalton were Bobby's thing. I had to do something else, something to separate myself from the past. So, I went back to California. It was too depressing staying in El Paso. They disbanded about a year later.

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Randy was plagued by self-doubt. Bobby so overwhelmed and impressed everyone around him that Randy often felt second-rate. His self-esteem took a beating in Bobby's limelight.

Broken Melodies – Holding onto the thread of redemption in the broken, beautiful mess

With Bobby gone, Randy suddenly was expected to make it on his own. And he found it impossible to maintain Bobby's pace. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Institutional Login. LOG IN. Small Axe. Abstract This essay, a response to Alexandra T.

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