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This is a great beginning to a promising series. The characters are well developed and interesting, and the story line is inventive. Book 1 contains some interesting scenes about the tattooing process.

Click HERE if you'd like more information about tattooing. As book 2 opens , Riley is recovering from the vampire bites she received in the climactic battle that closed the previous book. In the usual UF -heroine manner, Riley now has some new powers that are attributable to the bites from Victorian and Valerian Arcos, not to mention the fact that Victorian is still in her head, both in nighttime dreams and daytime mind-speak episodes.

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Eli is determined to find and kill Victorian, right up until the point that Victorian provides a bit of crucial information that saves him from Eli's vengeance. In the meantime, Riley is having another whole set of visions of another vampire as he methodically stalks and kills humans. It's as if she is actually seeing the butchery through the killer's eyes. Eventually, they discover that the newlings are all under the control of a single vampire, and that vamp's identity is a shocker.

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The ending is a cliffhanger, with Riley in peril and Eli on her trail. Although I enjoyed Riley in book 1, I got sick of her in book 2 with her constant whining that she doesn't need anyone's help, that she can take care of herself, that she isn't going to tell anyone about her dreams and visions, etc.

And don't get me started on Eli, a raging alpha whose jaw is so tight most of the time it's a wonder he can open it wide enough to speak.

Their relationship seems to be based solely on lust, as most of their very brief conversations are about how crazy they are for each other and how hot the other one is, with each lovey-dovey talk session leading almost immediately to a sex scene. They even do that old familiar hair-washing-in-the-shower-followed-by-sex scene. One other point about Riley: The whole tattooing thing, which is supposedly a huge part of Riley's life, is barely mentioned in book 2. I was hoping that we would learn a bit more about Eli's family members, in book 2, but no And don't forget their incessant slang, which is apparently supposed to give them street cred.

It's a bit silly for the repartee of centuries-old vampires to be peppered with dated teen-age slang like "bro" and "sick" and "wicked" and "sweet" — and they talk like this all the time. And what's with the inconsistent mind reading? Sometimes the vamps can read Riley's mind, but other times it doesn't work, depending on the plot twist going on at the time. That's the problem with introducing mind-reading into a story. You have to be consistent with it because if you don't, it just weakens the plot and annoys the reader. The story opens just after the powerful vampire, Victorian, has kidnapped Riley from the scene of the climactic battle that ended the previous book.

He is trying to carry her off to his home in Romania so that his father can somehow cure her from the effects of his brother, Valerian's, bite. Before Victorian can do that, however, Eli catches up with them and rescues Riley. Victorian warns them that Riley is changing in very dangerous ways and that they will soon be forced to get help for her. In the next few chapters, Riley has one violent, hallucinatory, out-of-body nightmare after another, and when she wakes up she has lost large chunks of time.

Her temper seems to be triggered by everything and everyone in her life. She hates the fact that Eli and her friends are trying to protect her by having someone with her at all times. She can't keep her mind on her work — not in the shop and not on their nightly hunts for newly turned vamps. But does she tell anyone what is happening to her? Does she confide in the man she professes to love?

Although she is under observation by her friends most of the time, no one ever realizes what's happening to her.

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They keep telling her she looks tired, but no one really reaches out to help. The rest of the story follows Riley's adventures there, as she receives her third and fourth vampire bites.

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She's still human, but now she's human with "tendencies" — meaning that she has many vampiric qualities e. They're obsessed, powerful, and completely undetectable. They've zero conscience. They move among humans as one of them, and only another fallen one can recognize them straight away. They're from an ancient realm of holy and unholy The book is filled with powerful evil spells that the Dark Fallen want to use for their own nefarious purposes. The WUP team wants to find the book first so that they can destroy it and save the world. Soon, strange things begin happening to Kat.

First, she is visited by a ghostly little girl in the creepy WUP headquarters building where they are staying. Then a sexy male voice starts crooning erotic words in her head. Finally, she hears a buzzing in her ears that gets louder and louder and never goes away. Does Kat tell anyone about these alarming occurrences when they happen?

Dark Ink Chronicles

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Darklove: The Dark Ink Chronicles

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