Eat: A Short Story

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With great effort, they managed to come to the surface , grab onto a plank of wood, and stay afloat. They had to spend so much time together, adrift on that plank, that after becoming mightily bored , they ended up conversing. They got to know each other, and became friends.


They played many bizarre games, like the fish without a rod, the tiny hiding place, and the King of the mountain. Chatting with his new friend , the boy understood the importance, at his young age, of vegetables like the cabbage, and how wrong it is to always be bad-mouthing them. The cabbage, for his part, realised that sometimes his flavour was a touch strong , and strange to children. So they agreed that when they reached home, the boy would treat the cabbage with great respect, and the cabbage would do its best to taste like spaghetti. Their agreement was nothing if not a great success.

The boy's mother was greatly surprised at how willingly he ate the cabbage, and the boy prepared the best hiding place in his tummy for the cabbage, shouting "Mmm! What great spaghetti! Other versions and options for this story.

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The Boy and the Cabbage. Download it to enjoy our stories whenever you want Advertisement. Story File. Values Help children to eat vegetables and other not so tasty food. Main Lesson A simple story to help children see vegetables with new eyes. Setting A town. Characters A boy and a cabbage. Other Langs. The Boy and the Cabbage Get these stories. Did you like this story?

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Yes Please, share it. No Maybe it was not the right one. Try this one:. Other than the Polaroid, I found only a flimsy, wrinkled one-dollar bill in a pair of shorts.

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We begin to look through sport coats when Brenda marches over, the high-heeled sneakers she stole from Value Village squeaking like dog toys on the glossy floor. In her cuffed denim shorts, her legs are too thin and her butt looks deflated. Sometimes I worry she might collapse and crumple into nothing. Her shoulders drop as her face does. Her hands are like wild animals, quick and unpredictable, and when she feels around my waist, she nearly touches my dick.

She kicks off her uncomfortable shoes so she can walk faster.

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This woman just saw the photo of the ring from the severed arm in the dumpster. The ring belonged to her friend, another hooker. Most of them were sunburned. They fought each other. They yelled a lot.

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Lizzie could watch them for hours, her eyes wide and her mouth agape. The backseat burns my legs so I shove my hands under my thighs. The AC is broken and it costs, like, four hundred to fix it. The lighter still works, and Brenda smokes a Winston. The smell of her lighting it is pleasant, like chopped wood and white paper and birthday candles. Lizzie stares outside and picks at the last of the crusty impetigo on the side of her chin.

I have it, too. It itches and hurts and cracks. If there is any, the golden soap from the dispensers there stings, but not as bad as the strawberry shampoo. Nirvana comes on the radio.

The Perception of Food: A fictional short story | Eat North

I love them. My money stash is Ziplocked, the baggie taped to the inside of the toilet tank lid at the apartment. On a cop show that used to play in the afternoon when Lizzie and I got home from school, I saw drug addicts hide their heroin and needles in the same place. Lizzie and I are running our fingers in the space where the back of the seat meets its bottom. I find the buried middle seat belt, which is hardened from years of baking, but no coins. Then Lizzie finds a dime, and I hate her for it, but only for a second. Brenda never thanked me for the dollar I found back at the thrift store.

I know not to ask for what I really want: six Chicken McNuggets, a vanilla shake, a cheeseburger and fries. Brenda orders three cups of ice water, which are free, and two hamburgers. The hamburgers are two for ninety-nine cents—with tax, a dollar seven. When we arrive at the window where we pay, Brenda also asks for a plastic knife, and a handful of ketchup packets.

The Hungry Mouse

She likely has about twenty packets in her purse already. He then passes her the waters, small, one by one. He smiles and thanks Brenda. He sees us in the backseat and I can sense he pities us, even though his own life is probably crappy. I want Brenda to speed away, but she takes her time cutting our hamburger in half with the plastic knife, licking a stray morsel of meat from the top of her hand. Brenda eats her hamburger as she drives. Bloom, Harold ed. Ray Bradbury. Infobase Publishing. The correspondence between the names of James Barrie's memorable characters in Peter Pan and those of Bradbury's children cannot be coincidental.

In both works of fiction, Wendy and Peter are devotees of never-never land, a dimension that is beyond the constraints and conventions imposed on demanding, if not persecuting, adults, and which is outside the limitations and changes decreed by time. In "The Veldt", Wendy and Peter go beyond the point of no return. The vengeance they wreak on their parents leaves them unaffected and undisturbed.

Afterward, when David McClean, a psychologist and family friend, finds them nonchalantly and cheerfully picnicking in the savage setting they have stimulated, they show no signs of remorse or guilt. They are unholy terrors for whom expediency and self-preservation are the sole dictates of behavior.