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Es kann beliebig oft und solange getestet werden, bis die angestrebten Zielvorgaben erreicht sind. Nicht minder schnell erhalten Sie ein direktes Feedback zu Ihren Werbebotschaften. Sie wollen gerade mit einem Webshop online gehen?

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Unsere zertifizierten Spezialisten optimieren Ihre Werbekampagne so, dass Sie sich die zeitaufwendige Arbeit ersparen. Bei der Suchmaschinenwerbung geht es weniger um die Modifikation von Textanzeigen. Als Partner stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Seite. Dies kann auf lange Sicht kostspielig sein.

Dieses muss mit Ihrem AdWords-Account verbunden sein. Wir sind dabei, Sie auch? Egal welche Anforderungen Sie haben, wir sind Ihr Ansprechpartner.

YouTube ist derzeit die spannendste Werbeplattform der Welt. Ihre Markenbekanntheit kann extrem schnell und effizient mit YouTube-Anzeigen aufbaut werden. Eine tolle Lernerfahrung. Wir haben festgestellt, dass sie in ihrem Handeln transparent sind und hervorragende Arbeit leisten.

Press enter to begin your search. We work with your company to develop scalable, secure and stable Java Enterprise architectures with a large number of frameworks and technologically tested concepts for configuration, data and transaction security, multi-user operation, etc. We put our faith in efficient database technologies like Oracle and MongoDB. Although the range of functions offered by commercial PLM systems has become every extensive in recent years, companies often need complex add-on functions that are not available on the market. Many companies want to merge 3D models and data from other data sources in a single web interface.

Using ThingWorx and other IoT Internet of Things platforms, we can combine a variety of different data sources, including the sensor data collected during the operation of products for example, in a single user interface. The services we offer are based on an extensive range of tried-and-tested software products that are being used by the numerous customers in the automotive and other industries. Are you faced with the question of how to exchange data with development partners, suppliers or joint ventures easily, reliably and securely without compromising your intellectual property?

PROSTEP's web-based data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX offers you maximum security thanks to multilevel data encryption with decentralized data storage and distributed user accounts, as well as a high level of flexibility. Not only does the software run in the web browser and is therefore easy to operate, but it can also be fully integrated in Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer in order to provide users with access to the data exchange functions in their familiar working environment.

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Our standard software allows you to map use cases and application scenarios with little implementation effort and easily link your digital product data with the operating data collected on IoT platforms. Would you like to automate your data exchange processes and exchange data with your customers easily, reliably and securely directly from your CAD or PLM environment? The data exchange operation runs in the background, so that users can continue working but can also trace the data transfer at any time thanks to the report functions.

How can you meet your customers' ever-stricter data quality and data security requirements without having to replicate your customers' CAD and PLM system landscapes and provide your own staff to perform the data exchange operations? We make sure that your data reaches the customer on time, in a secure manner, in the desired formats and with the required level of quality. How can you eliminate media discontinuities in your business processes and use your digital data throughout all processes?

With the help of our 3D PDF solutions, you can make available offers, change requests, manufacturing documents, assembly plans, spare parts catalogs, sales documents, etc. Openness and standards are key prerequisites for the conversion of existing PLM architectures and the agile implementation of new applications that provide better support for the digitalization of products and production. It is a legally regulated and accredited certification program that makes it easier for you to evaluate the PLM providers and systems in the market.

More about CPO. Is your company already using individual PLM components but lacking an end-to-end PLM solution across all the domains and processes in the product lifecycle and which also incorporates other sites, partners, suppliers and customers? Introducing PLM is also, and above all, an organizational task that requires a great deal of project management experience.

We here at PROSTEP bring with us the experience gained from countless projects and have developed best practices for agile project management. We assume the role of the project owner, ensure that the requirements of the specialist departments are taken into consideration during implementation, create the operating concept and take measures to make the changes as easy on the users as possible.

Implementing PLM also requires in-depth technical knowledge of the system involved. Our experts have the requisite implementation know-how for all leading PLM systems and can therefore provide you with the support you need to adapt the data model, set up a rights management facility and design the workflows.

We also specify the interfaces for the best possible integration of the PLM system in your IT landscape.

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Do want to reap the initial benefits of using PLM as quickly as possible? Our experts work together with you to specify the requirements step by step, prioritize them and implement them in close cooperation with the stakeholders involved. Clear-cut functional and requirements specifications ensure fast implementation and reduce the pressures associated with project organization.


Do your users need certain features that are not included in the standard software in order to make efficient use of the CAx and PLM systems? We specify and implement the necessary customer-specific adaptations to the data model using our best practices for interlinking article, document and project information. Would you like to take advantage of the experience gained from other projects when designing your CAx and PLM processes? When it comes to implementation, we make use of tried-and-tested processes and methods. We also specify and implement sensible workflows for automating standardized processes.

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Do you want to use your engineering data to provide the best possible support for downstream production, assembly, commissioning, customer documentation and service processes? Profit from our wealth of experience in harmonizing articles, BOMs and changes between PLM and ERP systems and our solution concepts for the end-to-end use of digital product data in your processes. Product lifecycle management PLM is of strategic importance for the digital transformation and the successful implementation of new, service-oriented business models.

This is something that companies must take into consideration when defining their PLM strategy, updating their IT infrastructure and optimizing their PLM processes. Take advantage of our PLM experts' wide-ranging consulting and process know-how. Openness and scalability are essential when it comes to the future viability of PLM solutions, which have to be able to deal with new and changing requirements. As vendor-neutral consultants, we are in a position to provide an overview of the PLM market as a whole and we maintain good contacts to the major system vendors.

We help you select a system — using benchmarks for example — and thus enable you to ensure the future viability of your PLM solution. Heterogeneous and error-prone PLM processes make it difficult for many companies to deploy their globally distributed resources more efficiently. Standardizing these processes is a prerequisite for cutting lead times.

The consultants from PROSTEP analyze your process landscape, identify deviations between current and target processes and draw up proposals for uniform, enterprise-wide processes.

We also provide you with support for digitalizing your processes. Your PLM strategy should be geared to your company's goals and identify the areas of activity that offer the greatest potential benefits. Using an analysis of the current situation as a starting point, we work together with you to define a robust strategy and the roadmap for its implementation.

We use standardized methods to gather information about your IT architecture and develop a PLM infrastructure that takes account of organizational structures and process requirements. The development of complex, cybertronic products and systems, which include increasing amounts electronics and software and are interlinked with other systems, gives rise to more complex processes and a growing need for harmonization between disciplines.

Systems engineering is a systematic approach to making this complexity easier to manage and validating digital products quickly and efficiently. PROSTEP helps you break down the boundaries between disciplines, processes and systems with the aid of systems engineering and improve the integration of your product development activities. The question of to what extent a PLM solution is based on standards and thus meets quality requirements relating to product documentation often arises during the course of quality management initiatives.

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Would you like to learn more? Would you like to make the increasing complexity of your products and business processes easier to manage? We help you analyze the interdependencies between products, processes, organization and methods and make the analysis tools you need available to you from our extensive methods toolkit. Would you like to continuously improve your technical PLM infrastructure and adapt it to current business demands? Our consultants help you to systematically document your infrastructure and plan changes using enterprise architecture management methods.

Would you like to restructure your organization in a way that is geared to the interdisciplinary development of complex mechatronic or cybertronic products?