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Frequently asked questions

Think of interviewing as an opportunity to demonstrate how many skills you have accrued in these areas. It is to demonstrate that you know a lot, and you know how to work with the knowledge that you do have. Are you being asked to value a customized stock option? Talk about the valuation framework, and how you might forecast future prices using a Monte Carlo simulation technique. What type of drift and volatility process will your simulation incorporate? Remember that you should be prepared to fully detail any concept you mention during a conversation.

An intelligent question—whether about how something is modeled, how portfolio risk is calculated, or how an asset is valued can go a long way to proving that you are the type of employee who will be engaged and willing to go the extra step to solve unanswered questions or improve an existing process.

The interviewer may be asking you this because he or she did not have time to read through your resume before meeting you. Or, he or she may want to see which areas of your background you choose to focus on, and how effectively you communicate. Either way, this is your opportunity to show why your past experience makes you a fit for this job. Emphasize any classwork, projects, work or teaching experience that is relevant to the Quant world. Note that for non-technical questions, it is not just the content of your responses that matters—just as important is the manner in which you verbalize them.

Are you confident? Are you at a loss for words? Be quick on your feet, but be thoughtful as well.

Interview Preparation Overview

As we mentioned, most interview questions will relate in some form to mathematics, statistics, econometrics or computer programming. Start off with the basics — a clock, which is a circle, is degrees. Now we know the hour hand moved 7. Since you already were driving for 2 hours it is impossible for you to average 60mph for the entire trip. Variants on a theme include: how many gallons of ice cream were sold in the U.

One of the many possible approaches is to start by looking at the total U. Start with the fact that the U. Here, the answer will not matter so much as your thought process. Fill the five-gallon jug and then pour it into the three-gallon jug.

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The five-gallon jug has 2 gallons left. Now throw the three-gallon water away. Pour the 2 gallons from the five-gallon jug to the three-gallon jug.

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So now the three-gallon jug has just 2 gallons of water. Fill the five-gallon jug again, and pour 1 gallon to the three-gallon jug. You are then left with 4 gallons of water in the five-gallon jug. Now take the lying consultant. If you asked the liar if the correct door is the right way, he would answer no. Alternatively, you could ask one of the guards whether the other guard would say that Door 1 is the correct door to enter.

If you ask the lying guard, he will lie about what the other guard would say. Alternatively, if you ask the truthful guard, he would honestly tell you what the other guard would say, which will be a lie. In either case, chose the other door—whichever door is not indicated by the response to your question.

You pick 1 card first leaving 20 , then you want to respond to all opponent picks by picking a number that totals 4 combined with their last pick. So, you pick 1. Then, if they pick 3, you pick 1…if they pick 2, you pick 2…if they pick 1, you pick 3. On the first weighing, you would weigh three marbles on each side, leaving three off. If one side of the scale is lighter, you are left with three marbles.

Then you would place one marble on each side of scale, and leave one off. This method will identify the light marble while only performing two weightings in total. Every machine will have to produce a sample coin or coins, and you must weigh all these coins together. How can you indicate which coins came from which machine? If every machine cranks out a different number of coins machine 1 makes one coin, machine 2 makes two coins, and so on, then taking all the coins and weighing them together against their theoretical weight will give you the answer.

You need to pick three socks. No color was specified so after choosing three socks, two should be same color. Two minutes is the total amount of time you would have to take in order to average 60 miles an hour. Therefore, you cannot average 60 miles an hour over the two laps. Turn on the first two switches and leave them on for 5 minutes.


After 5 minutes, turn off the second switch, leaving the first switch on. Now go upstairs to the attic. The light that is on is connected to the first switch. A light that is off but has a bulb that is still warm to the touch is connected to the second switch. The light that is both off and cold to the touch is connected to the third switch, which was never turned on. Interview Preparation Overview Are you preparing for an interview for a quantitative role and have no idea of what to expect?

Some other questions in this area might include: Tell me something about yourself that is not listed on your resume. Are you more risk-averse or risk-seeking? What could turn loved this? When we wish an pop shipping, it is our critic.

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