Images Resolved and Saved: A Memoir

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If you are writing a limited scope book about your war experiences, you may want to include one or two pertinent pictures from your childhood, but probably not twenty.

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If you are writing your own life story, you may want to do a separate volume on your ancestors rather than trying to include them all in your book. Does this photo include people?

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Photos with people, even if technically inferior, are so much more interesting to most human beings than landscapes alone. If you have a choice between a photo of the Tower of London by itself or your Aunt Alice standing in front of the Tower of London, use the latter.

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  7. Does it show personality? We don't always have a choice -- sometimes you only have one photo.

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    7. But if you have multiples to choose from, choose the one that captures your mother's lopsided smile or your grandfather's playful nature. Even though the other photos are a little blurry or grainy, I would choose them over the studio portrait any day. Don't be deterred by a poor-quality photo.

      You can improve a faded or scratched photo fairly easily using automatic correction tools in your scanner driver or photo-editing tools like Photoshop. If a print is severely damaged, you can have it digitally restored for a small fee. However, beware of pulling a low-res photo off the internet; they will look much worse in print than on your screen.

      Get a high-resolution ppi or greater scan from an original whenever possible. See this post for scanning tips.

      Images Resolved and Saved : A Memoir by Norman Kattwinkel (2007, Paperback)

      If the downloaded photo is all you have, keep it small on the page for best results. Don't forget letters, postcards, and other documents that can add visual and historical interest. First Lady Dolley Madison is often credited with saving the portrait of George Washington and other White House treasures when the British attacked the Capitol in But few accounts mention the help she received from one of her enslaved servants.

      On August 17, , British troops began landing in Maryland.

      In nearby Washington, President Madison , fearing for the security of the capital, but with no regular troops at hand, called out the militia. As thousands of Washingtonians packed their belongings and left town, First Lady Dolley Madison resolved to stay with her husband and, if necessary, oversee the evacuation of the White House.

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      By midday on Wednesday, August 24, , British troops marching from Bladensburg stood poised to attack Washington. Madison initially ordered Jennings to help remove the entire portrait, frame and all, from the White House wall. But with the British approaching and time running short, she ordered Jennings to break the frame apart so the canvas could be removed with a knife.