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Home Articles What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Advanced Search. Originally Posted by Sun Devil. My entire Savoy and Napoli collections. Edit: Not sure why I didnt just edit my above post, oh well. Attachment Attachment Originally Posted by delpiero I'm playing my first time now as Venice and I have to say it's the hardest campaign I've played so far. They don't have an educational building like most of the others and so I have to steal the technologies I want from Austria.

With Genoa I've an alliance, same as with Great Britian. The problem I have now after around 45 turns is, that my economy isn't growing anymore. With most of the other factions I never had to experience that, so I was wondering if someone of you who has played as Venice, could tell me how to get my economy growing faster.

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I mean they don't have Mines or anything that is valuable. I've already as many traderoutes as possible so that there's at least a little income of like per turn. It's going to be a tough game. But all in all it's a lot of fun playing as Venice.

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It's so different than the experiences with all the other factions I've played. Originally Posted by Wingate. Italian nationalism was a 19th century phenomenon so it would be premature, as would anything similar for Germany, which was put together by a series of wars, pressure and diplomacy.

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Savoy has been interesting Hard Hard. As usual, the first step of grabbing Turin and Naples from Spain worked as did focusing on trade in the western theaters outgunned by the Spanish in the east.

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The problem was facing France as well and securing a peace. For France that required taking Paris. I didn't want to try to conquer Spain so many armies, so many ships, and a counterweight to England in the Americas but finally achieved peace after territorial gains in the Caribbean but being repelled by the Spanish from trading in the eastern theaters. There was a second prolonged war with more large naval battles to drive them out of the eastern theaters and ending with Gibraltar and Portugal ripped from Spain, largely defanged.

Spain itself conquered the Cherokees, but I had taken Georgia and gave it to the Colonies for an alliance to safeguard the provinces of Acadia and Newfoundland that I saved from anarchy. With a trade fleet at work, they have built considerable strength. The Inuit have designs on Newfoundland and won't make peace, so there is a sloop on permanent station to keep them from crossing over. Savoy is at war with the Six Nations as an ally of Quebec, but neither side wants to fight a battle in which I could serve as an ally. They have a fleet hovering around the Knights' well-defended Malta, which is on my victory list but for later since I don't want to deal with England early.

Global Situation: Marathas finally cleared out the Moghuls. Since the Poles overran part of Prussia and down to Constantinople and Athens fairly early, and declared a war of succession against Savoy, the fleet had been blocking the Polish crossing of the Bospurus for a long time while I subsidized the Turks against the Russians not enough, obviously - an agent in the area would have reported the situation earlier. Part of the problem may be that the Turks bought ships iincluding second rates! Although Russia and Austria don't like each other too much, both like the Poles in between and with alliances in place the Russians had the freedom to push on the flanks.

I'm wondering whether to betray the Turks and seize what I can of their lands to keep the Russians from pushing to Cairo my hope is they will conflict with the Marathas. But a Turkish campaign would be dishonorable and distract from the unification of Italy. Subsidies helped keep them strong for a while. I started the second Spanish war and took Gibraltar when the Spanish captured Morocco - after some battles made difficult by the Gibraltar terrain and the Spanish ability to reinforce using their garrisons across a patrolled strait what's with that?

After building a mass of armies on my side of the French frontier years back, they recently moved it to Savoy and Genoa and it appears they have something in mind, as do I - taking the Papal States and Venice once Portugal is pacified.

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  4. Savoy is on very friendly terms with them right now - such a shame to ruin relations, and risk conflict with our Austrian friends, but they are on the victory list! Currently Savoy does not have the largest army, but does have the largest fleet and I think the strongest battle fleet.

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    Originally Posted by wangrin. Early Papal States pictures :. Originally Posted by PikeStance. Those of you who are interested Hey, As I was researching Venetian history there are some things I discovered. I notice there seems to be a lot time devoted to the Venetian military, but not the navy. Venice was know for their war galleys I am not sure if this is something that can be altered significantly. I curious to know. I couldn't find any images of specific Venetian ships Originally Posted by Lord Giovanni.

    I'm not sure how much has been put into building new naval units from scratch, but I've been wondering if Venice and maybe Genoa could field Galleasses, the super-heavy galleys that they used to great effect at Lepanto in These ships would be larger, stronger and sport rows of broadside cannon and a large forecastle with forward-facing guns. However, as a consequence of their vastly increased tonnage, they would be much slower and less maneuverable than regular galleys in the vanilla. The house is big, clean and very nice.

    Good location for short trips to Florence, Venice and Rimini. Hotel Bologna Le Siepi. Clean and tidy enough Heater doesn't work in room. Room is very cold Asked for extra blanket- nothing arrived No English TV channels Leaking overflow pipe all night someone came to repair at 6 am and Il Leccio. The host was very friendly. Il Leccio Do we come back at trip home and change the plans?

    Very familiar, good eye on details, nice view to bologna, good tip for osteria with reservation , tasty fresh Meditur Hotel Bologna.

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    View all 7 deals. The room is clean, the hotel overall is clean. Problems - Washroom sink was not draining, wanted to call reception, but phone was not Room service. Podere San Giuliano. The hosts Federica and Andrade are two very special who practice from the farm to the table. Ca di Viola. Our room was clean and comfortable, the breakfast was good and Francesca gave us tips for each day, printed maps, and was generally very helpful.

    Locanda Croara. Hotel Caselle. View all 8 deals. Small Hotel. Very good and practical. It was great to have free parking and the staff is very supportive. Limited Service Property. Casa Castiglia Undici. No other properties are available in San Lazzaro di Savena. View nearby results below. Contact accommodation for availability. Bed and Breakfast Kennedy.

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    Centro Europa Uno. Villa Ortensia. Villa Santa Rosa. I was moved to another room Alla Spipola. Please see our partners for more details. See the full list: Hotels near Parco dei Gessi Bolognesi. See the full list: Hotels near Mediateca di San Lazzaro.