Primitive: Original Matters in Architecture

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The Primitive Hut - Wikipedia

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Primitive : original matters in architecture

Authors Tim Winton Sarah J. Top Pick.

Building with Mud: A Continuum

Locations where this product is available This item is not currently in stock in Dymocks stores - contact your local store to order. It methodically identifies the key components of a building, describes their fundamental importance and how they should be approached. In Chapter 1: "The General Principles of Architecture", Laugier divides and analyses buildings into five main "articles": the column , entablature , pediment , the different storeys of architecture, the windows and doors.

Primitive: Original Matters in Architecture

In Article 1, for example, Laugier makes four general rules for the construction of columns, one of them being that the column "must be strictly perpendicular, because being intended to support the whole load, perfect verticality gives it its greatest strength. Laugier emphasised the point that nature provides the rules for architecture.

Laugier used the frontispiece to illustrate that typically architecture needs only three main elements, the free-standing columns, horizontal beams entablature , and a simple pediment the triangular end of a pitched roof. Laugier also noted that the deviation or misuse of the principles lead to inherent faults in typical buildings and in architectural practice.

In particular he recognised logical faults, issues such as proportion and unintelligent design. Instead, advocating that "by approaching the simplicity of the model, fundamental mistakes are avoided and true perfection achieved". The idea also claims that Ancient Greek temples owed their form to the earliest habitations erected by man. In the primitive hut, the horizontal beam was supported by tree trunks planted upright in the ground and the roof was sloped to shed rainwater. This was an extension of the primitive hut concept and the inspiration behind the basic Doric order.

The essay advocates that architecture approach perfection through the search for absolute beauty, specifically by returning to the hypothetical original hut as a model for building. The Primitive Hut made an important contribution to the theory of architecture. It marked the beginning of a significant analysis and debate within architectural theory, particularly between rationalist and utilitarian schools of thought. While previously the field of architecture concerned the search for the ideal building form through truth in building, the primitive hut questioned the universal in architecture.

It was through the reading of the Laugier Essay questioned the fundamental and the universal requirements of architecture, the text marked a new field of inquiry into the field of architecture that changed the understandings and the approach to architecture.

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In particular, there were the beginnings of an attempt to understand the various individual components of architecture. The Primitive Hut is an a-historical point of reference that is not necessarily a historical object that is investigated through speculation or an archaeological investigation. The Primitive Hut was instead a self-evident realisation that created a new perspective of architectural inquiry.

Architectural inquiry would be engaged to justify the validity of the primitive hut model. The origins of The Primitive Hut have conceptually been linked to the Old Testament and the story of Adam and Eve , and of other primitive cultures. The classical orders in the stories about primitive dwellings are often the subject of analysis to trace the history of the primitive hut, these have arguably been traced back to the works of Vitruvius and The Ten Books on Architecture.

Scientific and philosophical approaches have led to various branches of inquiry that question both the origins and the possible destinations of architecture. These have been recognised across a range of different cultures. These different approaches have led to various conceptualisations that question cultural differences and attempt to define the ideal principles of architecture and of the primitive hut specifically. The Primitive hut is a conceptual hut, that is not necessarily a material and physical hut.

It is an abstract concept of a place that is created through mans response to the natural environment, where architecture acts as the mediator between man and nature. The Primitive hut concept explores how architecture came to be, and is a way of explaining the fundamental origins of architecture.

Original Articles

The Primitive hut provides a point of reference for all speculation on the essentials of building and represents arguably the first architectural 'idea'. The Primitive Hut concept also suggests that the natural environment provides the solutions for this ideal architectural form.

Understandings of vernacular architecture have often had a major influence on the understandings of the Primitive Hut, as they often provide a different point of origin for a potential direction for architecture. Rather than focusing on the meanings that are associated with the building and its components, the Primitive Hut questions the fundamental components that are universal in architecture. The Primitive Hut concept has been explored over various periods of time to varying extents in architectural history, including by notable architects such as:.

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