Reaching for the Stars

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The stars have been a source of unquenchable curiosity for humans since ancient times. Looking up at the mysterious night-skies, we have come up with songs, myths and have dreamed of space exploration. Astronomy, the science of moon and stars in simple terms, is the answer to all our childhood queries about the enigmas of the sky.

With a view to teaching the young about astronomy and getting them interested in it, Bangladesh Astronomy Association BAA was formed in As part of its efforts to popularise astronomy among the teens of Bangladesh, this year Bangladesh Astronomy Association is going to organise the National Astronomy Olympiad for the 9th time.

After holding a district-level selection process on January 24, the best contenders will take to the final stage on February 8 to showcase their knowledge of astronomy through various contests in the Olympiad. Fourteen-nineteen year olds from all over the country can register for the Olympiad free of charge, and all participants will be given a certificate. The Astronomy Olympiad has crossed the national boundary and reached the global arena. This year, Bangladesh Astronomy Association will sponsor air tickets to Romania for the 3 winners of the National Olympiad.

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This growing interest and dedication brought us success in different international astronomy Olympiads. Skip to main content. Sayeda Sharifa Alam. Click here to download it for your device. See also — Die Every Day. My generation millennial gets confused, I think, because we assume we should just be able to do exactly what we want and assume that will take care of all our material wants and needs. Few jobs in life offer complete spiritual fulfillment as well as financial fulfillment. Just understand you have to adjust your priorities accordingly. You get to ask for that, plan for that, and build that.

The more you do correctly early, the more freedom you will find later.

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See also my answer to — What life advice would you give a 17 year old? This idea from Jon Acuff was so life changing I will never forget it. If you do this exercise, you will want to do less everything and more of the few things:. Every time I watch Roger Federer, I want to play tennis.

Reaching For The Stars

He is so cool. I want to be him. I bet I could move around the court like that. If you were wrong about what you love, change the list. Nobody is allowed to tell you who you are except you. Instead, run tests. For 30 days no weekends off, no vacations, no excuses take action on one of your interests.

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I will remember you more if you are a writer who plays tennis on the weekends and badminton every other Friday. Fulfillment, wealth, joy, and career potential are all found in that top right corner.

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The problem is, most people end up in the top left corner. These are the people who say:.

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  5. You know these people. They may own more ambition than anyone on the planet, but without ownership of the results, the things they want most are out of reach. The problem is, we are sold the idea hard work is enough. Hard work is never enough. When you have more than one ambition like most humans in the world , you have to do more than work hard.

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    You have to choose the area you where you have access to the result you want most — money, fame, attention, whatever. Once you get aligned, the hard work will act as jet fuel. Your natural ambition will take over. Get it all right here. Sign in. Get started. Personal Growth.

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    This is seldom the case. If you do this exercise, you will want to do less everything and more of the few things: Step 1. Draw a line down the center of a blank page Step 2. Personal Growth Sharing our ideas and experiences. Bestselling Author.

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